Local government, volunteer fire departments, school boards, public service districts, not-for-profit 501c3 organizations, hospitals and other political subdivisions can benefit from lease-purchase financing.

In March 2010, Country Roads Leasing, LLC began providing municipal lease-purchase financing to government agencies throughout West Virginia.  Our very first project was financing a new garbage packer truck for a municipality in the central part of the state.  We have since increased the scope of projects to include municipalities, county commissions, voluneteer fire departments, public service districts, schools districts and non-profit organizations in over half of West Virginia.  Our relationship with vendors and banking institutions throughtout the region helps us in providing a seamless project, from selecting a quality product to funding the project.  Our experience, work ethic and determination set us apart.  Contact us about your next project.

Our mission

To provide high quality, traditional and innovative financing solutions for government agencies who are looking to acquire new/used equipment or that plan to build or renovate buildings for public use.

Highly Qualified Staff

Jeffrey W. Smell, has nearly a decade of experience in the lease-purchase financing business.  As Owner and Sole Member of Country Roads Leasing, LLC, Jeff handles the day-to-day operations of structuring projects, locating funding sources and providing customer support.  Jeff's experience and committment to successful project completion are valuable tools that he adds to any project.

Innovative Options

Country Roads Leasing, LLC provides innovative options for public financing.  Payments and terms can be customized to meet budgetary needs.

What Clients Say

The City of Dunbar would like to thank Mr. Jeffery Smell and Country Roads for the prompt and professional handling of the transaction in the purchase of our compactor truck.

Carroll R. Dunlap - City Clerk, City of Dunbar, West Virginia

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