Country Roads Leasing, LLC

Welcome to our site.  Country Roads Leasing, LLC provides innovative options for public financing.  We specialize in equipment lease-purchase finance, but also have extensive knowedge in all aspects of government finance. 

Local government, volunteer fire departments, school boards, public service districts, not-for-profit 501c3 organizations, hospitals and other political subdivisions can benefit from lease-purchase financing.

Country Roads Leasing, LLC’s lease-purchase agreements assist public agencies with shrinking tax base. Our lease-purchase program was developed as a financing alternative to cash purchases and the outright issuance of long-term municipal bonds. The ability to spread the cost of the equipment over the equipment’s useful life is a financial benefit.

By entering into a lease-purchase agreement, public entities can obtain ownership of equipment without debt obligation. Payments are regarded as a current obligation, not a debt, and require only the approval of the governing body rather than a public referendum.

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